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The craft of pandanus weaves

Lucy Wunupingu 08012013

A fascinating, rare behind the scenes that takes us on a journey with the artists
as their collect the raw materials for their weaves – pandanus!

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Pandanus are palm-like, dioecious trees and shrubs,
their leaves “pandan” are commonly used in traditional handicraft
and is a key ingredient in South East Asian cuisine.

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The young leaves are harvested and  sliced into fine strips,
followed by a colouring process,
in which the strips are placed in drums of bush dyes, roots and leaves
from  different plants sourced in the area.

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dye is extracted through bashing and crushing techniques,
then added to the water with the pandanus to create these vivid hues


 The pandan strips are then woven into intricate baskets and mats,
or rolled into ropes for other designs!



Resulting in these mesmerising, intricate designs!

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